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Nubia Z17 Lite (NX591J): How to Unlock & Install NubiaPixel ROM on Linux

2 years ago  •  Tutorials

The Nubia Z17 Lite is a pretty sweet phone for the price. However, its biggest flaw (for some) is it’s Nubia UI. Fortunately, tillaz from XDA Developers have been so awesome to release “NubiaPixel”, that aims to be AOSP with the stock Google pixel look and feel.


So, you might be here to replace Nubia UI or maybe you would just like to know how to unlock your bootloader? Well, that’s great! Just follow along.


The things we will need…


The first thing we got to do is unpack ADB and open the terminal inside it.


Open in Terminal


You can either right click on the folder and select “Open in Terminal” or you can “cd” your way into the folder from the terminal.


CD to/path/


Just make sure you are inside the folder with the files “adb” and “fastboot”.


Now we are ready to setup our phone to use ADB (platform tools). You will first need to enable developer options on your phone. Do this by going to Settings -> About Phone -> tap on Build number until it tells you developer options is activated.


Now go back to settings and select Developer options. Enable OEM unlock and USB debugging.




Then you connect your phone to the PC. Make sure to select “transfer files” when the notification about USB options show up.


Now, type “./adb devices” in the terminal. Your phone will now ask for permission, say yes. ADB should then show your device in the terminal. If not, try again with the command “adb devices” and make sure you allow the connection on your phone, when it asks.


Next we need to boot into the bootloader. Type “./adb reboot bootloader” and your phone should be restarting into bootloader.

So far, so good. Now that we are in the bootloader, type “fastboot devices”. Hopefully your phone will show up in the terminal.


Now we will unlock the bootloader. Type “./fastboot oem nubia_unlock NUBIA_NX591J” and your phone will be unlocked. Great! Next, we will install TWRP. If it complains about permissions, you might need to use sudo.


Unpack the TWRP file we downloaded earlier. Find the file “recovery.img” and place it inside the folder with the files “adb” and “fastboot”. Now use the command “./fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”.


Now choose to boot into recovery from the menu in the bootloader. It should now boot into TWRP.


Now that we have TWRP installed, we will need to place the NubiaPixel ROM in our internal storage. When that is done, in TWRP, go to “install” and select the ROM. After it is installed go to Advanced -> Root Tools -> Magisk root to root the phone. Otherwise the phone won’t boot.